The first ice-breaker we used in this class was the tee-shirt exercise. In this exercise, groups of four students used drawings to illustrate important information about themselves to the rest of their group. This information included something the student is good at, something the student would rather be doing, something the student would like to accomplish in the next year, and the student’s favorite food. In the middle of the drawing, the student placed two adjectives that described his/herself. The other members of the group tried to guess what the drawings represented, and then a volunteer from the group introduced the rest of the group to the class, saying one interesting thing about each participant.

The second icebreaker is called, “I Have, Who Has?” In this team-building activity, cards are made up beforehand with two sections. In the top section, the card has a noun, and in the bottom section, it has a description or definition of the subject on another card. These two cards do not reciprocate each other. Instead, each card describes the subject on a card that does not, in return, describe the first card. In this way, as students call out their descriptions, they are not answered in a pairwise fashion, but in series. The students go around the room, calling out their questions and answers sequentially until everyone’s subject has been described by another student’s definition.